Make The Most Of With Power Packs is the perfect one stop shop for all your health food, supplement, and fitness needs; everything from protein shakes to free-trade coffee, free weights to fitness clothing for the gym. However, if you are just starting out on a new health and fitness regimen, the vast range and variety of items for sale on the site can be a bit overwhelming.

If you want some advice and guidance on the best items for your needs, without paying a nutritionist hundreds of dollars — then you should try one of the Power Packs which put supplements and foodstuffs together that will help you reach your goal, whether you are looking to lose weight or build up muscle.

These Power Packs aren’t just an ideal way to shop smarter at, but they are cheaper than buying each of the items individually, helping you save money while you get healthy. Search for coupon codes online, and you can save even more money with a “healthy” discount off your final bill.

Brain Master Power Pack

The Brain Master Power Pack contains’s signature product, ALPHA Brain, as well as one of their other big sellers, MOOD, along with Krill Oil and MCT Oil. ALPHA Brain was the product which launched Onnit and has been shown to improve cognitive functions, such as memory, learning, and concentration. MOOD’s active ingredients complement the work of ALPHA Brain by helping to ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress and have even been shown to help those who have trouble sleeping.

The inclusion of Krill Oil in the Brain Master Power Pack helps users to get healthy doses of DHA and EPA, the Omega-3 fatty acids which have been found to have an effect on memory function, while MCT Oil helps to keep brain cells fueled throughout the day.

Ultimate Workout Power Pack

For those who are looking to boost the effects of their daily workout, and help build muscle and strength, the’s Ultimate Workout Power Pack has all the ingredients you will need. Total Strength + Performance powder, which can be added to smoothies or mixed with water, can boost your strength. Dolce Whey powder provides muscles with the extra protein they need to make the most of your workout or to recover after injuries, and the Shroom TECH Support capsules help boost your energy levels, to help you exercise at a higher rate for longer.

Snack Attack and Coffee Shop Power Packs

The products on sale at are not just for those looking to bulk up, however. They have a range of healthy snacks and foods for people who are looking to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle. The Home Coffee Shop Power Pack features two of Onnit’s great hot drink options; their Spice Matcha Chai Latte Tea and Arabica Dark Roast coffee, a fair-trade product grown in Guatemala. In addition, this Power Pack includes MCT Oil, which can be easily added to any hot or cold drinks to give you an additional energy boost, alongside your daily dose of caffeine.

Whether you are eating healthily to lose weight, or just to feel better, snacking is always the big danger, and it is easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon when your sweet tooth starts craving sugar. The Snack Attack Power Pack comes with a range of delicious, but very healthy, snacking options, including Onnit’s favorite Warrior Bars, made from a Lakota Native American recipe and containing lean, tasty buffalo butter.

Alongside Warrior Bars, you can choose from a selection of other snacks, such as Onnit’s alternative to peanut butter, their Walnut Almond Cashew trilogy butter which also comes flavored with Macadamia Cacao Cherry. Alternative snack bar options include the Oatmega Chocolate Mint Crisp protein bars — ideal for satisfying that sweet tooth — or the Oatmega Vanilla Almond Crisp bar.

Onnit’s Power Packs are a great way to try a few themed products together while saving a few dollars on each bundle. Find Onnit coupons and you can increase your brain power, boost your workout, or just eat more healthily for even less.

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