HostRocket Web Services And Savings

American web host HostRocket sells hosting plans where you can share space on a server with others who expect moderate traffic, share with limited numbers of other customers on a Virtual Private Server, or arrange for dedicated service. Select an SSD or Cloud-based arrangement. They provide e-commerce plans, colocation, and web design. Explore their monthly, semi-annual, annual, and bi-annual schedules plus the savings you can achieve by committing to their company. While it is not necessary to sign a lengthy contract, going for a full year is cheaper; like bulk buying.

Saving Money with HostRocket Contracts

That is the first idea if you are interested in this well-received firm from Clifton Park, New York. Companies in the field of website hosting try to entice customers to remain with them for as long as possible; to give them a chance to show what services they can provide and their aptitude for customer service, but also ensure consumers are locked in if things are not going smoothly. At least a host knows who will be around providing a source of income for some time to come.

Reputation Management and Money-Saving Measures

Does HostRocket need to worry about their reputation? Every firm needs to at least be concerned about how they appear to consumers, web hosting experts, and search engines who are assessing their “hits” based on numerous criteria. HostRocket is no different in this sense except their ratings and success suggest this ship is sailing smoothly for the time being and doesn’t have any extra cause for concern. Choosing their low-cost products isn’t a matter of sacrificing quality for savings.

HostRocket Coupon Sources

These are posted directly to HostRocket’s website. If you know that this is the company you are going to sign up with, then explore the HostRocket site thoroughly in search of the discounts they provide. Next to reviews by happy customers under an overview of plans within a sub-heading, this firm suggests extra services you might like and the fees that go with them. Under “shared hosting,” there is a list of extras which include $2 per/month per dedicated IP address, $20 per year domain registry or a single cost of $20 to transfer a domain, and a deal on their 256-bit SSL certificate. Save 50% and pay $99 for 2 years of certification. Other similar deals of a similar nature are also available.

Check the Colocation section and you will see several prices slashed through. Above them, a new price has been entered which equals half the original cost.

Don’t Know HostRocket?

What if you do not know one web host from another and would fail to name a single company no matter how hard you try to remember? Use a Promo Code Website and discover two things: names of lots of web hosts; and a ton of codes for savings. Overall, the codes listed for HostRocket are not a lot of help. They lead you to the company site where prices are the same as you see on the coupon code. Nothing extra will be deducted from the bill by having entered HostRocket’s website through a promo code. Its purpose is for the company to direct your attention away from competitors’ offers and for an affiliate to earn money from any purchase you might make. Lots of other web hosts post discounts and promotions too.

Real Deals?

HostRocket is not helpful with regard to coupons. Promotional website root out the deals you might have missed, but they offer no further savings external to the website, or they don’t do it very often. A useful HostRocket coupon is like a set of winning lottery numbers: pretty hard to come by. The one point that saves this firm, however, is low everyday pricing. Since HostRocket is competitive in this regard, they can be forgiven a parsimonious attitude to coupon codes. Choose them if you are interested in Colocation, professional website design, dedicated hosting, or hosting on the Cloud.

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