Virtual Conversation Brewin’ at the General Lafayette

Hey all! Welcome! This is the very cool General Lafayette Inn site that we got up and running again, and we’re stoked to show you how we’re going to treat the platform as we move forward. Let the theme be that we’re now brewing conversation about travel and fun for all.

Although you might wish we had a tap for some suds, we’ll have to save that for after-work hours! Hail to the General! Guessin’ though that back in the day, travelling and visiting inns wasn’t something that he did for fun.

It’s amazing to think of how many times people went back & forth between the new United States of America and their homeland; in this case, France for the Marquis de Lafayette. Just as a quick trivia note, did you know that Lafayette went back to France with a box of American soil? It was eventually put atop his grave in France when he died (1834).  Pretty poignant, I think. Anyway, come back soon!